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    MCM MEDSYS AG was founded in June 1986 under the name MICROMIN AG (MCM) in Grenchen, Switzerland and was active in the field of developing engineering software for calculating the bending of rolls for rolling mills and selling the respective hardware. After just one year MCM moved to Rüdtligen-Alchenflüh/BE, Bahnhofstrasse 3. 

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    In June 1990 the medical device part was added on and soon after this addition the company’s name was changed to MCM MEDSYS AG, due to the nice growth of its medical device activities. In 1995 MCM needed more space and had to move to another location. An appropriate place was found in Lyssach/BE, Gewerbestrasse 13. 

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    The growth of the Medical Device division continued on and the whole activity of MCM was focused now on growing that part of the business. In 2004 MCM had to move to Kirchberg/BE, Industrie Neuhof 31 because the business continued to grow. 

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    10 years later MCM has again to look for a bigger place to facilitate its personell and moved to Solothurn, Glutz-Blotzheim-Strasse 3.

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    In 2018 MCM received the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification of quality assurance.

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    The philosophy of pursuing excellence has guided MCM for over 35 years and it will continue to light the way to help serve those who serve others.

Our Team


David Egger

Managing Director

Jonathan Houdin



Susanna Wälchli

Manuel Laich

Rosy Zanda

Melissa Nespolo

Carlo Somma

Sales & Marketing


Paulina Meister

Head of Administration

Dragana Kumbric


Annika Blüchel

Administration &



Mohamed Fadel

Head of Logistics

Mirjam Geller


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