Radial hemostasis controlled compression device.

A revolutionary approach to arterial closure.

A safe convenient access to contrast and saline.

Rapid Whole Blood Hemostasis testing.

Oximetry Assessment in Cardiac Catheterization.

The Drug Coating Tech creates dedicated Paclitaxel deposits in the vessel tissue for subsequent release over time to ultimately reach most effective inhibition of restenosis.

A revolutionary approach to arterial closure.

Removal of commonly encountered undesirable intravascular material, such as fresh, soft thrombi, emboli or vegetation in the right atrium, right ventricle, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, and the iliofemoral veins.

Hight adjustable tables to simplify the work flow in the Operating Room.

For optimal ease of insertion and high flow rates at modest arterial pressure. Featuring anti-thrombogenic Endexo Technology.

A solution to preserving a patient’s peripheral access. More resistant to platelet aggregation with Endexo Technology.

The first PICC of its kind with Endexo Technology, providing a catheter more resistant to the accumulation of blood components (platelets and thrombus).

Combines Endexo Technology with the PASV Valve Technology, designed to resist backflow, maintain long-term patency, and provide a saline-only flushing option.

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